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Grow a business you love

marketing strategies that clarify, designs that attract, and content that connects

What's keeping your business from thriving?

You got into business to do something you love, and to make a difference in the world. But if you’re like most business owners, you struggle to market your business well. Ineffective marketing is not only costly and stressful, it also keeps you from connecting with the people you’re here to help. 

Illuminated Marketing seeks to tell good stories that help our clients and community thrive. Through authentic branding, intentional marketing strategy, and well-crafted content, our boutique agency invites people into a story of their flourishing.

Intentional marketing is the key to a thriving business

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We shed light on who you are and how your business is helping your clients thrive. We help you articulate your message with clarity, so you can share that message with ease.


Confident Businesswoman

Armed with a clear marketing strategy, you’ll have the confidence to show up with moxie, convert leads into clients, and grow your business with intention.


Paying Customer

Your ideal clients are waiting for you. An intentional marketing plan becomes the bridge that allows you to connect with them, and help solve their problems. 


How can Illuminated Marketing Help?

Illuminated Marketing is a boutique marketing agency based in Northern California. We are passionate about helping businesses, organizations, and communities thrive through intentional marketing strategy. We use a variety of marketing tools and community resources to connect people and help visions come to life. Our tailored marketing services include:

Ready to start your journey to a thriving business?


schedule a call


It starts with a free 20-minute call. On Zoom, we’ll talk through where you’re feeling stuck and brainstorm some opportunities for next steps.



get a clear plan

Based on your unique goals, our team of marketing professionals will create and implement a tailored marketing strategy.


grow your business

With the new marketing in place,

you can effectively reach your clients and watch your business flourish.

See how we help our clients thrive

We know this is so much more than marketing.

Brand development and implementing a marketing strategy can be a surprisingly vulnerable process. We love partnering with business owners like you to articulate and amplify the gifts you want to bring into the world. And that requires some moxie! 

Sure, you think you're just getting a website or a new logo, but you'll leave with deeper clarity on who you are. And if that excites you, then you're a good fit for us.

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