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Recalibrate Guide

recalibrate | fall 2021

If the signals of autumn have you wanting to recalibrate, this reflective guide will help you reconnect with what you already know to be true, and clear the way towards the path you're meant to be on. 

Cover of Ideal Client Profile Workbook
Coffee mug and the beach
Front cover of the Social Media Detox Guide

wayfinding worskheet

"Wayfinding is an intentional process of decision making, fueled by curiosity, creativity, and the willingness to let go of certainty. Based on "Design Thinking" this worksheet guides you through being honest and curious about a problem, and developing some prototype solutions. It can be used for major life transitions, issues that have you feeling stuck at work, relationships, or even mundane problems!

ideal client profile workbook

You are clear about who you are, and what you're mission is--but are you clear about who you are trying to help? Identifying the personality traits, pain points, and life stage of your ideal client is vital in creating a meaningful marketing plan. Get inside your ideal client's head with this thought-provoking workbook. Develop a well-rounded character profile for your ideal client and create clear action steps to connect with them!

reflect & envision: intentions for a new year

Every year, in the week between Christmas and New Years, I like to carve out some time to reflect on the past year--to name the moments that shaped me, grieve the hard stuff, and celebrate the victories. And I like to set an intention for the upcoming year. To envision what continued growth could look like and spend some time setting myself up for success. I invite you into this ritual--download this resource and take some time to pause and be intentional with your story. 

a wholehearted social media detox guide

This guide is designed to help you (and me!) intentionally rethink the way we use social media in our day to day lives. It’s rooted in the belief that the best change happens when we can observe without judgment and address the real cravings that social media ultimately can’t satisfy. 

weekly agenda

I start every Monday with a "staff meeting." No uncomfortable conference rooms or soul-sucking Powerpoints. Just me, a cup of coffee, and an intentional refocusing on what's important for my week ahead. This is the template for my "agenda." For all you fellow freelancers, side-hustlers, and creative spirits who share my love for to-do lists, check this out!

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