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Branding & Marketing Strategy

Attract clients to your business with clarity & confidence.

Your brand is telling a story. We'll help shed light on how to tell a story that feels authentic to you, aligned with your mission, and captivating to the audience you're trying to reach. 

Do you have a crystal-clear message, a recognizable brand, and an intentional strategy to connect with your clients?

Most business owners are laser-focused on what got them into business—doing what they love and making a difference. As a result, their branding and marketing is likely organic or haphazard. While this can work in the scrappy beginning stages, growth requires a clear and cohesive plan. Without it, your business can easily get lost in the noise of other businesses’ marketing efforts.  


Coming up with your own brand is so dang hard—because you’re too close to it. And keeping up with the latest marketing strategies is overwhelming. We get it. And we’re here to help you find the clarity and confidence you need to thrive.

Get a cohesive brand that aligns with your mission.


We’ll help you articulate the “why” behind what you do and craft that into a cohesive and attractive brand. From the values that create your business culture to the way your brand looks and feels across all of your platforms, we’ll develop a clear and actionable brand that you can use right away.

Get a compelling message that resonates with your ideal clients.

Pensive Freelancer

The right words are an essential tool for helping you grow your business, but an unclear message will cost you more than you know. We’ll help you clarify the right message that positions your business as the perfect solution for your future clients.

Get a roadmap to grow your business through effective marketing.


A thriving business requires getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Your business is too important to leave this up to chance. Work with us to get a tailored marketing strategy that will help you connect, build trust, get the sale, and win loyal clients that sing your praises.

Work with Illuminated Marketing to get a brand you love and a reliable marketing strategy.

One Page
Marketing Plan

Start simple and get clear on your marketing strategy with our clear, yet effective marketing plan.


  • One 60-minute branding session

  • One page (two-sided) marketing plan with key messages & actionable next steps to grow your business.


Brand Messaging & 
Marketing Strategy

Get clarity on your brand, your ideal audience, and your plan to implement a marketing strategy that actually works.


  • Two 90-minute branding sessions

  • Brand messaging

  • Taglines & Mission Statement

  • Ideal Audience Profiles

  • Sales Funnel Outline & Recommendations


Full Brand Development & Marketing Strategy

In addition to the previous package, we’ll also help you develop the design elements of your branding, to get a professional and recognizable look & feel to your brand.


  • Three 90-minute branding sessions

  • All deliverables in Brand Messaging & Marketing Strategy 

  • Logo Design

  • Style Guide


*Prices are subject to vary, based on your needs. For example, if your brand has multiple sub-services, we can create messaging and style guide for each service, for a slightly higher rate.

Here's how it will work:

Colleagues Working Together

Step 1

you Schedule a Branding Brainstorm Session

  We’ll get together, either in person or via Zoom to delve into the details of your brand. In this interactive session, we’ll begin to clarify the elements of your brand's key characteristics, mission, ideal customer, and messaging.  

Business Team

Step 2

we'll create a cohesive brand & marketing strategy for you

  Our team will take your insights, add in research for your specific market, and develop your brand identity and outline a strategy to help you implement a marketing plan that helps you achieve your goals.

Open Store Sign

Step 3

We share your branding and marketing strategy in a way that empowers you and your team to share your clarified branding right away, and begin implementing the strategy we outlined for you!

You implement your strategy and thrive!

"Allie really took the time to understand my business goals to create a branding strategy and amazing content with great results. I highly recommend her.”

-Debi Douma-Herren,
Insight HR & Coaching Solutions

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