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Visit Yurok Country Tourism Marketing

The Client

The Yurok Economic Development Corporation (YEDC) wanted to grow the Yurok Tribe’s tourist economy through the amplification of their small businesses. These businesses include the Redwood Hotel & Casino and fuel marts, the visitor center, as well as outdoor experiences provided by redwood canoe tours, jet boat tours, and RV parks. As champions of intentional, authentic marketing, our team wanted to establish Yurok Country as a leading voice of native culture and indigenous tourism for the Redwoods and the Klamath River.

How Illuminated Marketing Helped

  • Brand Development

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media video and photoshoot

  • Social media management

The Results

Our team made monthly visits to Klamath and created a robust media library of high quality photos and video footage to be used across various marketing channels. Rather than post for the sake of posting, we work closely with the YEDC to maintain up-to-date and nuanced marketing content. Centered on the natural beauty of the region and the cultural and traditional practices of the Yurok Tribe, our social campaigns have driven immense traffic to YEDC’s social platforms, driving Instagram followers up to nearly 40k, and adding 115k new visitors to their Facebook page in less than a year.

Check It Out

Interested in learning more about what Illuminated Marketing can do for your tourism business?

It's important to note, Illuminated Marketing only offers ongoing social media support with our retainer clients. This type of service only works well in long-term client relationships with a more integrated approach. If you've been looking for a long-term solution to your marketing, let's set up a call to see how Illuminated Marketing can act as your marketing department! Schedule your free consultation today to start the conversation!


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