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About Illuminated Marketing

The digital marketing support you’ve been looking for to refresh your marketing strategy

We create marketing strategies that clarify, designs that captivate, and content that connects you to the audience you’re trying to reach. With an intentionally human-centered approach grounded in digital marketing best practices, we deliver marketing assets that help our clients thrive.

We are Intentional.

We take a holistic approach to marketing: It’s everything we do to build trust and value for our community. With a clear purpose and a relational approach, we show up well to do work that matters.

We are Effective.

Quite simply, we get good shit done. We always look for the most practical, streamlined, and impactful approach. We choose to stay curious and hone our craft. We measure our results so we can make effective decisions that help our clients and community thrive.

Allie Jones, Founder and Creative Director of Illuminated Marketing

Allie Jones

Founder, Creative Director

As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to self-reflection and personal development—journaling is my jam, Brene Brown is my Patron Saint, and don’t even get me started on the Enneagram (or do). I see self-awareness as the cornerstone for leading my team, engaging with clients, and creating effective marketing.


As a former third-grade teacher, I have a knack for finding creative and engaging ways to communicate ideas that cut through the distraction of everyday life. This translates well to the world of content marketing. I believe marketing is everything you do to draw people to your business. Creating intentional marketing strategy that fosters growth and flourishing is vital to making our businesses and the world a better place.


When I’m not creating and leading marketing campaigns, you can find me doing yoga, connecting with friends, or exploring the Redwoods with my husband.

Our Team

Melissa Blanford

Marketing Assistant

From content writing to graphic design and social media management, I work with businesses to build their brand and help share their mission with the world. I strive to create intentional and meaningful content for each client I get to work with.


Knowing just how hard it can be to put all those creative ideas down on paper, I help business owners bring their vision to life. It’s part of the reason I feel so passionate about my job. Planning the next step that grows your business and strengthens your brand can be such a rewarding process.


When I’m not working on my latest marketing project, you can find me out on the trails in the Redwoods or in my kitchen with something cooking on the stove.

Marketing Assistant Headshot
Megan Lynch, Graphic Designer

Megan Lynch

Graphic Designer

I have been making art since childhood; scribbling on walls and doodling in the margins of notebooks. Having an influential art teacher in high school resulted in many media explorations and a decision to make art my career. In 2015 I got my degree in graphic communications, and have been busy branding businesses ever since!


I also run my own art business under the pseudonym Fried Megg; I paint mixed media landscapes and still life.

Living on the Redwood Coast provides me with all the hikes and rain I could ask for - just not at the same time.

Watercolors on paper

Our Values

Our Values

We Cultivate Kindness.

  • We prioritize taking good care of ourselves, our time, and our energy so we can show up well.

  • We connect in ways that help others feel seen and known.

  • We default to clear boundaries, generous assumptions, and proactive communication.

  • We delight in other people's success, especially other women.

We Stay Curious.

  • We approach each project with genuine interest and ask meaningful questions to guide our work.

  • We choose a growth mindset, with a regular practice of learning, doing, and reflecting.

  • We pay attention to the little things because they move us in the right direction.

We Get Good Shit Done.

  • We follow through on our commitments.

  • We use templates, systems, and workflows to facilitate our work.

  • We show up and are fully engaged in the work we do and look for opportunities to take initiative and add value.

  • We collaborate within the strengths of our team to produce excellent work.

We Hone Our Craft.

  • We geek out about the art and the science behind good marketing and seek inspiration everywhere.

  • With a bias towards action, we know that excellence is a process, not a destination.

  • We commit to practicing our creativity daily.

  • We make time for feedback and collaboration.

We Consider the Ripple Effect.

  • We work to create a sense of belonging for everyone, inspire change for good, and empower our clients and community to thrive.

  • We believe that the stories we tell matter.

  • We manage our time in ways that help the business remain profitable so that we can keep doing great work in supported and sustainable ways.

Illuminated Marketing Staff

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We’re always looking for partners, creative kindred spirits, and freelance folks to partner with. Let’s connect over a cup of coffee (virtual or in person) to start the conversation!

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"Allie really took the time to understand my business goals to create a branding strategy and amazing content with great results. I highly recommend her.”

Debi Douma-Herren

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