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Marketing Services for Organizations

Connect to your community & grow your organization’s impact

You wear a lot of hats in your nonprofit—
marketing doesn’t need to be one.

We love leaders in the nonprofit world: You’re passionate, committed to helping your community thrive, and as scrappy as they come. The day-to-day tasks of running your organization can be overwhelming, but you always find a way. When it comes to marketing, you know it’s a key element to building relationships with your members and growing your organization, but with a million and a half things to do—updating your website, sending out your newsletter, and posting on social media often stay on the back burner.

At Illuminated Marketing, we wear the marketing hat—
so you don’t have to.

As a boutique marketing agency, we love partnering with nonprofits, chambers of commerce, and other community organizations like yours to help you create and implement marketing content that is both intentional and effective. We use a variety of marketing tools and community resources to connect people and help visions come to life. With our human-centered marketing approach, we can develop content that aligns with your organization’s purpose and marketing campaigns that help you build relationships with donors, members, and beneficiaries.

When you partner with Illuminated Marketing, you can say goodbye to…

Fundraising events that fall flat because no one knew about them.

The confusing and out-of-date website your cousin built you for free in 2012.

Stressing about the latest updates on social media or getting your newsletter out on time.

Laying awake at night, wondering how to reach your audience and make a lasting impact.

Marketing Support For Your Organization

We work with nonprofits, chambers of commerce, and other community organizations to create strategies that clarify, designs that captivate, and content that connects. Some of our tailored services include:

Brand Development

We can help you develop a recognizable look and feel—whether that’s for your overall organization or a specific program—with a logo, style guide, and key messaging.

Strategic Plan Design

We can take that long, somewhat dry but very important document and turn it into a condensed, easy-to-understand, beautifully-designed PDF to share with your community.

Website Revamping

That much-needed refresh and reorganization of your website to transform it into an easy-to-navigate, informative, and ADA-compliant information hub for your members, funders, and the greater community.

Social Media Refresh

Transform your scattered ghost town of a social media channel into an engaging, dynamic, and on-brand platform to engage with your audience.

Event-Based Marketing

Promote your upcoming event with a robust campaign including press releases, social media support, flyers, email marketing, and more.

Content Marketing

From a monthly newsletter to an annual report highlighting your organization’s success, let Illuminated Marketing act as your marketing department!

Community Organization Marketing In Action

Take a look at some of our recent projects and nonprofit clients we've helped!

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