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Leadership Redwood Coast

Updated: Mar 4

The Project

Leadership programs are an important and common way for cities, counties, and regions to foster leadership and offer an immersive and transformational experience that deepens participants’ understanding of a community. AEDC had long felt the need for and desire to create a regional leadership program to empower individuals in Humboldt, Del Norte and surrounding tribal lands to effect equitable and innovative change in their local communities and across the region. In 2022, AEDC funded a planning grant to build a solid core curriculum and determine the feasibility of a regional program.

How Illuminated Marketing Helped

  • Brand Development

  • Copywriting

  • Website Development

  • Event Coordination

  • Social Media Management

The Results

Our owner Allie Jones took the lead on the project in collaboration with Nancy Olson, CEO of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce. As a former executive director of an award-winning leadership program in Southern Humboldt, Nancy had a passion to develop a similar program here in the Redwood Coast Region. Our team helped not only build out the program but developed the branding, key messaging and overall concept for this 5-month program, a series of five sessions in leadership development training. Our team built the LRC website from the ground up, which serves as an application portal complete with clear, intentional messaging to encourage local leaders to apply. Our marketing assistant Melissa Blanford coordinated event planning, fundraising, and logistics for the LRC launch. The LRC was a big passion project for Allie in particular, who loves all things leadership. She remains actively involved in the programming, inspired by the inaugural cohort’s tenacity, and excited to see where this program takes them.

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