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Intentional Marketing for Resilient Businesses (Free Resource!)

As I write this, I’ve been sheltering in place for 17 days. The newness of the COVID-19 disruption has worn off, yet the wide chasm of the unknown looms ahead with no end in sight. I’m trying to find ways to keep my business moving forward, but there’s no telling how these ripple effects will play out.

As entrepreneurs, we are action-oriented. We got into business to help others, to connect and to solve problems. None of us saw this coming when we sat down to envision our goals for 2020. And it feels overwhelming to try and piece together our businesses and our communities when the most important thing we can do is stay home.

In the liminal space of the unknown, we are trying to wrap our minds around the bigger picture of what this will mean for us and navigating the triage of support needed to keep our businesses afloat. This crisis is requiring each of us to find new muscles of resilience.

I’m learning that being resilient doesn’t require stoicism. I’m scared. I’ve ugly cried in the shower. I’ve needed to take breaks from the bazillion Zoom conference calls I’ve been asked to join. But in allowing and making space for my emotions, I’m able to self-regulate much more quickly.

I’m learning that resilience demands action, but not perfection. In an unprecedented global pandemic, there is no “getting it right.” Our measures of success have already been thrown out the window. But like the quote mentioned above, we have the ability to adjust our sails when the wind isn’t blowing where we want. We don’t know what the future holds, but we probably know the very next step we need to take. It’s in the simple act of choosing the next right step that we stay grounded and get back to thriving.

I’m also discovering that I already have the tools I need to be resilient—if only for the present moment. Resilience feels scrappier than what I imagined. Messier. But if I can acknowledge and name my fears, I can then leverage that energy to reach out and connect to people, or create something helpful, or innovate within my business. I have other leaders, guides, and resources to help me when I need it. And I can take the very next step.

A simple definition of resilience is "advancing despite adversity." As business owners and leaders, we don't have the option of retreating and waiting for all of this to blow over. We must continue to move forward despite the unprecedented challenges we are facing right now. It’s a lot to take on, but you don’t have to go through it alone. I created a resource to guide you through some ways to become more resilient during this crisis and in the rebuilding.

These are the three elements to developing resilience in my business, and the elements this free workbook will guide you through:

1: Return to your mission.

You started your business because of a genuine desire to help people. That "why" behind what you do is the strong foundation for your marketing—especially now.

Take some time to reconnect to your mission and core values, and consider how that purpose is relevant to the problems your clients are facing in the midst of this crisis.

2: Pivot your goals.

The plans you made in January may not be applicable right now, but intentionally rethinking your goals and rooting it in tangible actions you can focus on will help you not only stay grounded in this period of unknown but also set a smoother path for rebuilding afterward.

This is also an opportunity to check in and give yourself permission to have grace with yourself in this time.

3: Create a sales funnel.

One of the most effective ways to help your business survive and thrive through this crisis and beyond is to create an intentional strategy to help current and new clients grow to know, like, and trust you. Build and refine your sales funnel, tailored to the unique problems your clients will be facing.

Don’t stay stuck in overwhelm. Get your free resource today to start making your business more resilient.

Illuminated Actions

Stay safe and healthy,


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