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Why I Became a StoryBrand Certified Guide

Guess what? This week, I got to cross something off of my bucket list. It was one of those rare times where I got to do something I’ve been dreaming of, and it actually exceeded my expectations.

This week, I became a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

Taking the leap now felt like perfect timing. I’ve spent the last two months trying to help business owners navigate through the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. I see StoryBrand as a guiding light to help all of us not only survive but thrive through this time.

This has been such a hard time to own a business. They were thrown into a crazy situation and had to figure out how to pivot their businesses in a very short time. They’ve had to find creative ways to connect with their clients when they can’t meet face to face. They have tons of ideas and things they’ve been wanting to try for years, but the mountain of urgent tasks leaves little margin to make ends meet. They’re in a fog of overwhelm and anxiety.

Business owners I know are strong and creative and resourceful. They’re working hard to make their business resilient, and what they need most is a clear marketing strategy. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I can offer the clarity and support they need to reconnect with their clients in a way that helps everyone thrive.

If you haven’t heard of StoryBrand, it’s an approach to marketing, taught by Donald Miller. It’s simple and intuitive, yet really effective at helping businesses connect with their customers and grow their businesses.

I first discovered StoryBrand a few years ago, when someone recommended that I read the book Building a StoryBrand. I was a new freelance writer, hungry for strategies and guidance on how to write well and help the businesses who had hired me. StoryBrand quickly became my go-to guide to help me grow.

Here are just a few of the reasons I love StoryBrand:

  • StoryBrand helps me write content that isn’t confusing: The StoryBrand Framework utilizes the power of narrative to structure how to talk about your business in a way that is clear and compelling. And when we’re being bombarded with thousands of messages and advertisements a day, a clear message is the only way to cut through the noise.

  • StoryBrand focuses on what matters most—your clients: A customer-centered approach to business and marketing is not only the right thing to do, it’s much more effective when it comes to growing your business. But marketing content often ends up being centered on the business. The StoryBrand framework makes your client the hero of the story, and positions businesses as the trustworthy guide to help them.

  • StoryBrand has a ripple effect on business success: With StoryBrand, it’s not just about writing websites or email copy. They use the power of story to bring purpose and clarity to help people lead better, work more effectively, and make a bigger impact. I’ve seen it time and again—when the StoryBrand framework is implemented, success follows.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m beyond excited about what I’m going to be able to bring to my clients in the coming months. It will continue to be an ongoing process of honing my craft for years to come. But that’s part of the magic when you love what you do.

Illuminated Actions

1. Start listening to the Building a StoryBrand Podcast! Here are some of my favorites:

2. Read Marketing Made Simple. It outlines a lot of the training I took this week and will guide you step-by-step on how to create a sales funnel that will help your business grow.

3. Set up a free consultation call with me to talk about how StoryBrand could help your business.

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