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Find your way back to flourishing.

Leadership is hard, but you don't have to navigate it alone.

Through intuitive listening, collaborative brainstorming, and research-based exercises, my coaching packages are designed to help you get un-stuck and move forward with confidence. 

Why does running a business feel like an uphill battle?

As a business owner, it's easy to feel isolated and stuck in your own head. It is so frustrating to feel like you’re spinning your wheels without progress towards what you know you’re here to do. Sometimes, all you need is the space to process out loud and a new perspective.

Through intuitive listening, collaborative brainstorming, and research-based exercises, my coaching packages are designed to help you get un-stuck and move forward with confidence. 


Get the clarity you're craving through some individualized coaching with me. 

I have several time-centered packages, based on your needs. 

Catalyst - $250

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One, 90-minute session

In this power-packed session, we'll get to the root of where you're feeling stuck, and we'll create a roadmap to help you figure out what steps to take next.

Wayfinding - $450

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Three, 60-minute sessions

This shorter coaching package is designed to help you tap into your intuition and gain some tools to help you navigate through a challenging issue or marketing roadblock. We'll identify the main problem, brainstorm solutions, and create some tangible experiments to help you wayfind your way towards where you want to head.

Clarity - $850

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Six, 60-minute sessions

Over the course of six weeks, we'll focus on getting clear on who you are (your brand identity), who you're trying to help (your audience), and how to connect the two (your marketing strategy). This is ideal for business owners or organizations wanting to clarify their brand messaging and strategy, or for individuals looking to develop a clear life plan.

Deep Dive - $1,500

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Twelve, 60-minute sessions

Many of the leaders I work with need extra support to execute on the clarity and goals that come from our initial sessions. This three-month package allows us to dive deeper into the roadblocks that can get in the way of following through on what needs to happen. This package works well with larger organizations or teams.

Full Marketing Refresh- $15,000

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90-Day Intensive

Geared towards businesses looking to up-level their marketing game, this hybrid package combines my coaching guidance and support with creating and implementing a full sales funnel to align all components of your business and personal goals. Includes deliverables of a marketing plan, website wireframe, lead generator, and five-part email campaign.

Ready to get the support and clarity you've been craving?

I’m Allie Jones, and I love empowering people to create a story of their own flourishing.

Since you are here—reading about my coaching packages, I’m going to let you in on a secret.


Sure—I run a marketing agency, and I help businesses launch websites and develop cohesive branding for organizations every day. And I find that fun and satisfying.


But the real reason I entered into this field is that I love love love helping people embrace who they are and move towards the gift they’re here to give. 

Branding is just a fancy word that means figuring out who you are and defining the gift you’re here to give.

Marketing is really just building bridges between your gift and the people who need it.

Allie Jones Illuminated Marketing 3_edited.jpg

And I’m here for that. All-day. Every day. 


I have a knack for helping people feel heard and seen in a way that brings clarity and inspiration.

I geek out about tools and resources that foster people’s flourishing.

I love helping people navigate through the rocky terrain of transitions, and redefining what success could look like.


And it would truly be an honor to do that with you. 

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My Commitment to You

  • I will be a safe place to be fully yourself, process and express your emotions and ideas, and dream about the future you want to create.

  • I will be fully present with you, actively listening, and asking questions designed to help you find greater clarity and uncover your own inner wisdom.

  • I will act in ways that are trustworthy, with clear boundaries, reliable follow-through on what I say I'll do, accountability and integrity, confidentiality, and generous assumptions towards you.

  • I promise to guide you to places of growth, offering opportunities to stretch outside of your comfort zone, hold you accountable, and build in support to help you follow through on your goals, so you can connect with your highest potential.

  • I promise to avoid black-and-white thinking or assuming there's one right way forward.

  • I will offer creative activities, resources, or "assignments" guided to help you get unstuck and move forward. These are not must-do's but options intended to help you be inspired to move forward.

  • I promise to genuinely care about you and your success.

"Allie really took the time to understand my business goals to create a branding strategy and amazing content with great results. I highly recommend her.”

-Debi Douma-Herren,
Insight HR & Coaching Solutions

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