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illuminate (il·lu·mi·nate) v.

1. to make lucid or clear, lighting up

2. to make resplendent or illustrious

3. to celebrate being vibrantly alive

my story

I've always loved the meaning of names. As a little girl, I found this obscure baby names book, and to my delight, I found my "double-l, i, e" name to be "illuminated one."


To be illuminated is to be lit up from within, radiant and enlightened. 


I tucked that beautiful word into my memory, claiming it as my own private christening. Then, in the midst of a subtle-quarter-life crisis, when I felt confronted by the subtle heartbreak of unmet expectations of how my story should unfold, this word resurfaced. In a season of feeling depleted, the moments that I felt most alive—most illuminated—were when I was deeply connecting with people, when I was going on adventures, and when I was creating. 


Releasing the narrative I hadn't even realized I was clinging to, I felt an invitation to begin again. Instinctively, I crafted a life that incorporated the things that brought vibrancy—writing, solitude, adventurous travel, and connecting with people. Saying yes to being more fully alive led to quitting my job as a third-grade teacher, traveling solo for nearly a year, launching a freelance writing career, and forming lifelong friendships around the globe. 


Now, fully living into my story looks like helping illuminate other brave individuals and awesome organizations. I intentionally create space for people like you to dream and dialog about their passions and how to help make the world a better place.


I listen well and reflect back to you and the world who you are, crafting words around the core of your purpose.  




these core values are at the heart of all i do. 

watercolor paints


In everything, I choose to engage with my whole heart. I operate from a place of intentionality, my actions and words lining up with my values and purpose. 

watercolor painting


Life-giving relationships drive the work I do.  I foster genuine connection through clear communication and captivating content.

water color painting


There's nothing more beautiful than the radiance of a life lived to the fullest. I cultivate content that amplifies the distinctive greatness of my clients. 

watercolor painting


I’m invested in the quality of everything I do. I see the work I do as a craft, and I approach every part of the process with dedication and delight. 

watercolor painting

where i am 

While I have clients all over the country, I'm currently based in Humboldt County, California. With most clients, we communicate through email, phone, and Zoom conversations. 


I always love getting the chance to meet people in person as well! If you find yourself on the Lost Coast or traveling through the Pacific Northwest, be sure to let me know!



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